Higher Affiliates

If you have an audience with members who may want to learn to make resin jewelry, you can become a Higher Affiliate (or even if you know some people who you would like to refer).

When students enroll through your affiliate link, you earn 50% of every sale.

Students sign up at varying price points, from $25 to $225 (in USD).

If a student enrolls for the Complete Course (currently $97) my teaching platform and credit card processors will take their fees—bringing it to something like $83.50. That means you, as an affiliate, would earn $41.75*

*These numbers are examples and may not be exactly what you receive.

Once You Become an Affiliate

You’ll have special links to share with your audience, and when they use these links, my teaching platform (Teachable.com) will track who enrolls through you.

I provide some marketing materials, but they are optional (I provide them in hopes they help you enroll more students).

But you can absolutely go about promoting the course in whatever way you would like, so long as you don’t:

  • Claim my work as your own

  • Claim the course as your own

  • Falsely advertise what the course is

  • or mislead students

My favorite way to promote and find new students is to share something helpful.

You can absolutely share your own knowledge to promote the course, but again—just please don’t mislead students into thinking they’re learning from you.

Joint Venture Partners

If you have already created or want to create a resin or jewelry making class that would be great additional knowledge to the RJM video course, we can bundle our teachings together. This would be awesome value for students. Contact me by email: kayla@higherjewelry.com

My Teachings

I have many free resources and blog posts available, but it’s my paid teachings that offer the most value and encourage the most follow through.

  • The Resin Jewelry Guide (a $25 text-based guide)

  • The Resin Jewelry Making e-course (there’s 3 options to join this video course):

    • The Basics - a video course covering 1 project (currently $49)

    • Complete Course - a video course covering 8 projects (currently $97)

    • Higher Jeweler Program - the Complete Course + the ability to re-create and sell Higher Jewelry designs + the chance to be featured on HigherJewelry.com (currently $179)

Students can also choose pricing plans for higher costing tuition fees.

These prices are subject to change. I will notify you when they do.

Take a Peak Inside

I know it can feel strange if you haven’t take the course yourself. But, you can watch the video below and visit one of the supply lists on this page to peak inside the course.

“How do I get paid?”

This depends on how the student pays. PayPal payments can take one to two months to hit your PayPal account. Stripe payment generally take one to two weeks. You will need to set up a way for you to get paid through Teachable.

Also, if the student chooses a payment plan, you’ll receive 50% of each monthly payment made.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, DM me on Instagram or email me Kayla@HigherJewelry.com