DIY Micro Macrame Plant Hanger Earrings

I love unique, eccentric jewelry--especially when it can be made in about 30 minutes and the supplies cost less than $30. This fun project is for those of us short on time (and money!).

This simple beginner macrame project can be turned into earrings, necklaces, or used as miniature decoration.

For those who know more advanced knots and patterns, you can expand upon this tutorial and get creative with it. If you've never done macrame before, don't worry--the only knot used is the one everyone knows: the overhand knot.

What you need:

  • A pair of earwires

  • A pair of jump rings to match

  • Hemp string 10# (20# for a bulkier look) – around 140 inches (link)

  • Pipe cleaner in brown or green, cut to 3 inches long (x2)

  • Miniature terracotta pots (new seller for mini pots here! They are from Thailand, so shipping takes a little while—but it is affordable.)

  • Miniature fake succulents (link) (purple – link) the green is sometimes found in Hobby Lobby retail locations


  • Scissors

  • Ruler

  • Jewelry pliers (optional)

  • Glue (optional)

*anything purchased from these links does not give me any affiliate income. These are simply the places I found the supplies at. If you would like a prepared kit, you can find one here if it's in stock.

The Video Tutorial

1. Cut the hemp

Cut the 140 inches of hemp string in half. Put aside one half for later--it will be for the second earring. The first half cut into 4 pieces of equal length.

2. Line up all 4 strings

And thread them through a jump ring to the halfway point. Make the ends as even as possible.

3. Make one big knot using all the strings

Right below the jump ring.

4. Make 4 smaller knots

1 inch below the big knot, knot two string together at a time (knot ones that are close together for best results).

5. Make 4 more knots

1/4 of an inch below the previous knots, taking one string from below one knot and another string from below a knot next to it.

6. Close the hanger

1/4 of an inch below the last knots, knot all the strings together again to close the hanger. Then trim the leftover strings to however long you would like them.

7. Attach to an earwire or necklace

Add the jump ring to an earwire or a necklace.

8. Repeat for the other earring

And that's it! The ready-made supply kit can be found here. I created this DIY kit for those of you who don't want to order from multiple websites, paying shipping on each one. It doesn’t make sense unless you’re making a bulk batch. For just one pair of earrings, it’s more affordable to go with a kit.

Grab a kit here with EVERYTHING you need (at home you’ll need scissors, a ruler, and glue).

Thanks so much for reading or watching this tutorial. I would love to see your finished plant hanger earrings! Tag me on Insta with your photo or DM me. We can get in touch on Instagram