How to Make the Skinny Statement Resin Ring

Alternatively titled "How to Make Resin Rings that Aren't Bulky."

Bulky, cumbersome, inconvenient, clunky--maybe some people like their rings to have these adjectives.

Others don't. I don't.

But when it comes to resin statement rings, they ALL seem to be that way.

It took me a damn year, but I've developed a way to create thin, lightweight statement resin rings.

No molds. No fancy, expensive tools (except for a drill, but that's about $15 and you might already have it).

How to Make the Skinny Statement Resin Ring copy.jpg

What goes into making them?

  • A thin, bendable open frame or link

  • The contents to embed in the resin

  • A small drill (like Little Windows Spring Drill) with something to drill on

  • Chain (Yes! chain is comfortable and doesn't slip off like smooth metal)

  • Optional: a ring sizer. Can be found for a few bucks on Amazon or Ebay

Here’s a full, linked list of supplies, free to view inside the class!

These take a few days to a week to make, as all resin jewelry does because of drying time.

But, the best part in my opinion? These rings take ONE layer! It's a bit of a thick layer, but it works!

At any rate, it's thin enough to be comfortable without being cumbersome AND it's thick enough to wear as jewelry.

Clocking in at about 2 millimeters in thickness, these thin statement rings are unlike any other resin rings in existence.

Class is only $39 right now and will go up to $49 soon!

It'll be a recorded video cut down to the essentials (in other words, as short and concise as possible). You'll have access to it for the life of my online school, being able to revisit whenever.

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*The Skinny Statement resin ring class is for those how are already familiar with resin jewelry. If you're totally new to resin jewelry you should take the free course first.