How to Win Free Jewelry

So, I don't know if hacking a giveaway is possible--it's pretty much entirely based on chance.

But, I can tell you how easy it is to enter giveaways for Heaven in a Rage jewelry, made with resin and real flowers and leaves (I have less than 100 entries as of writing this, which just makes chances for winning higher).

All the pictures below are all Heaven in a Rage giveaways!

I believe business is about giving as much as taking, in a sense. So there's no catch--these giveaways are truly free. That's also why I often will giveaway high-quality pieces made with 14k gold-fill, 18k gold-fill, and sterling silver.

And I try to make entering is simple as possible.

I do a giveaway every few months--about 4-5 times a year. But you can enter once and be entered for ALL future giveaways. Click below to enter.

There's only one condition: I keep track of everyone entered by putting them on my email list (I use a trusted email service provider that keeps all your information safe and secure).

If you unsubscribe from an email list, which you're free to do at any time, you won't be entered for giveaways anymore.

That's it! Good luck.

Hi! I'm Kayla. I'm a handmade jewelry maker and teacher.

I teach and create open bezel resin jewelry (you can see through the resin to the back side).

I've been creating resin jewelry for 2 years, using my streamlined technique, plus real flowers and leaves.

I always strive to create new designs and quality handmade work. I sell my work throughout the year between opening my e-course for enrollment (Resin Jewelry Making), and email list subscribers get notified of new pieces available as well as exclusive offers.