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How to Make Message in a Bottle Necklaces

This simple DIY calls for a few unusual supplies (links are included in the post)—but it makes for a great group project, gift, or craft night DIY.

The personal message written on the miniature scroll inside is a great place to put a sentimental or heartfelt thought that the wearer can carry with them everywhere they go.

This is one of my best-selling DIY kits on Etsy (along with the Hanging Plant earrings DIY kits—see the free tutorial for those here).

How to Make Message in a Bottle Necklaces copy.jpg

What you need:

(I have ready-made kits with all supplies included here for $8.00—AND there’s free shipping right now!)

  • Aged paper (tea or coffee stained copy paper)

  • Miniature bottles with corks (1 ml is the average size, though you could use the next size up, 2 ml)

  • Sand

  • Jump rings (x2)

  • 8 x 4 mm Eyescrews

  • Necklace

  • (optional) Glue

  • (optional) Moss/ shells

  • (optional) Jewelry pliers if you don’t want to or can’t use your finger to open the jump ring

What to do:

1. Cut aged paper into strips and write your message (make sure the width is short enough to fit in the bottle).

2. Roll your paper up and slide a jump ring on to keep it rolled.

3. Twist your eyescrew into the bottle’s cork (add a dab of glue at the base if wanted).

4. Add sand 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the bottle (using a little piece of paper, such as a post-it note, as a funnel can help).

5. Drop in the rolled up message as well as any moss, shell fragment, or whatever else you want that can fit inside.

6. Attach the bottle charm to a necklace with a jump ring.

7. Optional - glue the cork to the bottle. The message can’t come back out if you do this, but it will be extra secure.

If you’re using my kit, you can skip screwing, gluing the screw, and attaching the charm to the necklace. It’s already done for you so you can assemble it easily and quickly.

So many people of all different walks of life have tried out this simple, fun DIY, from boyfriends for their girlfriends, daughter’s for their mothers, and bride’s for their bridesmaids.

If you’re wondering, “Why does she sell kits and give links to the supplies?”

Well, often people want to make 1 to 10 necklaces at a time, and paying shipping for different supplies PLUS having to get bulk (eyescrews come in packs of 20, bottles come in packs of 100) can actually add up to more than buying a pre-made kit. I buy them in bulk and make a small profit for putting them together—but it’s ultimately cheaper and easier for you.

Additionally, my ready-made kits are partially done for you—pliers aren’t needed. Eyescrews are already in and glued, too.