Learn to Make Open Back Resin Jewelry


The easy, proven methods of a resin jeweler of 3 years. All secrets spilled.

Create beautiful resin jewelry with your own two hands, at home.

7 jewelry projects + 1 class on DIY packaging

A variety of skills and techniques are taught to give you an in-depth and broad knowledge.


In Project 1 you'll learn the basics of creating open-frame bezel jewelry. This project covers the Core Curriculum. [$97 Value]

Ombre Color Block Petal Design thumbnail SQUARE PADDED.jpg

Color Block

In Project 4 you’ll learn how to create color block effects with miniature daisy petals or other small flora and findings. [$15 Value]


In Project 2 you will learn how to dye your flowers pastel colors, embed them, and create bracelets in various sizes. [$20 Value]

Open Bezel Rings Thumbnail SQUARE PADDED.jpg

Open Bezel Rings

In Project 5 you’ll learn how to work with NunnDesign open bezel rings (this works with all shapes) in 2 different methods. [$15 Value]

The MidNight drop Earrings IN Gold

In Project 3 you will learn how to make matching earrings, embed gold leaf, and drill resin with a spring drill. [$20 Value]

Skinny Statement Ring Bonus Class copyPADDED.jpg


In Project 6 (lessons still being released) you’ll learn my special shaping method for skinny statement rings. [$49 Value]

DIY Custom Jewelry Packaging Thumbnail SQUARE PADDED.jpg

DIY Packaging

In this bonus lesson you’ll learn how to find the best sized materials for gift giving and jewelry display—plus how to use a free program to create your own jewelry display cards. [$20 Value]

Wire Wrapped Bracelet Gem thumbnail SQUARE PADDED.jpg


From this bonus lesson you’ll learn how to find the materials and how to create a wire-wrapped gem charm to finish off a bracelet or necklace beautifully and elegantly. [$10 Value]

Total Value = $246

For total beginners and those who have already dipped their toes.

You do not need any special skills or prerequisites. The lessons will guide you step-by-step through creating open back resin jewelry.

By the end of the course, you'll have the skills to create professional quality, wearable art to add to your wardrobe or gift to your loved ones.

Or you may go on and create your own unique designs. These lessons will give you the skills to do that.

Check out Some Student Work!

new student work feb 2018 copy.jpg

Teresa Sword.JPG

Teresa is a featured Higher Jeweler.

Check out her work below and at her Etsy shop, Sword Studios.

No matter how busy you are, you can do this!

You will only need several hours a week, for 1-3 weeks Per Project

Stop and start on your own schedule. It’s self paced and you have lifetime access.

Plus, the lessons can be watched in ONE AFTERNOON. It's condensed down to the length of a movie.

All the projects teach a variety of skills and techniques to inspire your creativity. They’re meant as guidelines, not for you to completely re-create each project. You can re-create 1 or 2 or create your own designs right off the bat.

I’ll be totally honest—because I’m self-taught—you don’t need a course to learn anything. But, if you need more time and prefer learning with structure and a teacher’s support, well, I made this course to help save you the time and the headache of going it alone.

So whether you have a full-time job, kids, schoolwork, or whatever else--you can learn this unique craft quickly and create beautiful resin jewelry without sacrificing your life.

Curious how the course looks from the inside?

*the course has since been updated and re-organized, but the content has remained the same.

Watch the video below to see EXACTLY what you'll be getting! Look at my screen as I navigate through the online course and give you a glimpse of how the course looks.

You can also take a look inside the course and view the supply lessons for free. Click here to check out the supply lists.

Pick up a new skill

Whether for fun or to add something new to your ever-growing list of skills and hobbies, creating with your hands has been found in scientific studies to improve your overall wellbeing

Save time Learning From a Professional

Learn from an experienced teacher and accomplish high quality work right from the start with tools and resources your teacher wishes she had when she started.

Learn ONline

You can learn everything from your iPad, Desktop, or even your smartphone. Any device that can connect you to the internet. There's no other class out there like this (that I'm aware of, at least!).

Bonus 1 copy.jpg


As your teacher, I want to help you succeed. If during the course you have any issues, problems, questions, or anything, you'll be able to reach out to me and get 1-on-1 help over email.

I'm currently a one-woman-show behind the scenes here, which means that I can work closely with my students.

Every time you have a problem, you will be talking directly with me--not my assistant.

No chains of command to navigate through.

Just direct access to your teacher.

My main directive is to make my students happy, and when the course can't answer a question you have or an issue you run into--I can and am happy to help.

You can even reach out to me right now with any questions you have. DM on Instagram @higherjewelry or email me at kayla@thestorypreneur.com


Bonus 2 copy.jpg

bonus #2: PRINTABLE PDFs

Printable PDFs, found throughout the course, act as complimentary visual guides and references you can come back to again and again.

They will help you keep organized and visually guide you where text may not be the easiest way to learn and remember.

1. How to Set Up Your Crafting Space - how to set up a space to craft resin jewelry as well as what to have on hand in this area besides your supplies and tools

2. Basic and Project-Specific Supply lists - the basic supplies are a print-out, while project-specific lists are online and have clickable links.

2. How to Care for Resin Jewelry - what to avoid and how to care for resin jewelry properly to make sure it lasts.

3. The Ultimate To-Do List - this to-do list will break down each step so you can check off each step as you go and know what's coming next.

Bonus 3 copy.jpg

Bonus #3: Updates & Additions

As a student, you’ll receive future updates and additions immediately and for free!

Additions include new lessons, classes, bonuses, and any new material whatsoever. I’m always working to create a better experience for my students.

Upcoming additions:

Live Footage: Inside the course you’ll be able to access recorded live classes.

These longer-form videos were requested by students.

Ombre Flora: In this bonus class you’ll learn how to create ombre and gradient effects with flora and findings.

I’ll be using mini daisy petals to create the effect.

This new content will be added soon and if you join now you’ll receive them in the course.

Choose the learning path that best suits you.

(NEW) From learning the essentials with the Core Curriculum, to going all out and becoming a Higher Jeweler, you can find the perfect option for you.

(A text-based course for only $25 can be found here.)

Get the core curriculum with ALL bonus classes (and you'll automatically receive future ones, too!)

WITH $149 worth of bonuses, The Total value Of the Complete course itself is $246.

And the upgrade to become a Higher Jeweler means a one-time fee for a lifetime ability to re-create and sell the designs, easily made back with a few pieces sold.

What happens when I click "Enroll Now?"

When you go to enroll, you can pay with a credit card through a secure processor or through PayPal. See below.

You can login if you already have an account, or you can finish creating your account afterward.

Checkout Page Capture Snippet.PNG

Then you'll be all set, and you will have immediate access to whichever option of the course you chose! And it's going to look like this when you get inside:

You can access the course from nearly any device so long as you have Wi-Fi! The platform will keep track of your progress and show you your % complete.

You can choose to make just the first project or all of them

You're not expected to make every project, but there are takeaways from every lesson that let you go on to do your own creative thing. You do not have to buy sterling silver and gold-fill components, and can use other brands of resin rather than what I suggest (though I can't promise the results will be as good) AND you'll still get all the benefits the course has to offer.

All the skills it teaches still apply and work! Regardless of the cost of the materials you choose to use.

Stick in a lower price range with lower quality metals if that's where you are comfortable. This course is about teaching the skills to make resin jewelry--use the materials that are easiest for you to get your hands on.

You can always make more jewelry, purchase more supplies, and so on.

So go at your own pace. Start where you're comfortable and go from there.

I teach the methods I've developed over 3 years of dedicated work on this craft.

You literally get to look over my shoulder as I create resin jewelry and see exactly what I'm doing behind the scenes on my crafting table as I explain the lesson.

I decided to share my craft and teach others who want to learn but are as unsure, lost, and confused as I was when I began on my own.

While I had to learn the hard, long way I want to offer an alternative--something structured, organized, and easy to understand so that you can start creating beautiful jewelry sooner rather than later.

Not ready? Need something more basic? I understand. I created my free email course for people just like you.

Take the FREE email course Resin Jewelry Basics!

pic of me circle SMALL.png

I've been creating jewelry for 3 years, developing my own style and methods over time.

For half of that time I've been delving into epoxy resin crafts, and in the beginning I hit many roadblocks. From ruining my curtains to throwing away pieces that would never cure--I was disheartened and wanted to quit.

I had no direction, no guide, and no other teacher besides failure.

While I decided to continue, I've come to a point where I want to help others who were in my shoes when I first started.

Creating these classes is my way of sharing my craft so others can enjoy it, too. Without as much fuss and failure as they will meet taking the solo path.

I want to make the journey shorter for you. Easier. More enjoyable. All around better--so that you can learn to create beautiful, unique resin jewelry no matter who you are or where you're starting from.

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Alyssa Coloma copy.jpg
Veronica Hernandez email copy.jpg

I have no experience with this . . . Can I still take this Course?

Absolutely! I created this course so even those with no experience whatsoever can learn. Beginners and toe-dippers alike.

Can I get a refund after I purchase?

If you are truly unhappy with the course (whether it's the starter option or the complete course) and contact me within 14 days of your purchase, you will receive a full refund and no longer have access to the course. After that timeframe, refunds will not available.

Will I need to buy anything else?

Yes, supplies and tools. Depending on what you already have at home and need to get, the price could be between $5-100 (the more you choose to make the more supplies you need to purchase). Some items you will already have at home and some will only be available in online stores. If you don't have the free supply and tool PDF, contact me at kayla@thestorypreneur.com and I will send it to you.

How long will it take to complete the course?

Several hours a week for 1-3 weeks per project depending on your schedule. If you have ample time you could finish a project in a week. It's flexible and self-paced. Lessons do not exceed 15 minutes of video. You can always take a break and come back to the classes when you have more time in your schedule.

Will the classes Be text-based or Video?

Classes are in editted videos, with text-based information to supplement the lessons as well as printable PDFs and visual guides.

Do I have to use the same supplies and brands you do?

No! But for best results, I do recommend using the same brands I emphasize (which is only several items on the supply list). It's still possible to use other brands, though the results may be slightly different. I cannot attest to the quality of brands I don't recommend.

how will I access the classes?

Through a platform called Teachable. Once your username and password are set up and your payment has gone through, you'll get access to all the lessons immediately (except for any future updates that have yet to be added to the course).

What's included again?

Whether you choose the Starter Option with 1 project or the Complete Course with all 3 projects, each project's sections go in the following order: Set Up. Creating Your Charm. Creating Your Jewelry. Bonus Lessons. Plus you'll get direct 1-on-1 support with your teacher (me!), printable PDF checklists and visual guides to support the lessons, and upcoming bonus lessons How to Wire Wrap a Gem for bracelets and my Ombre/Color Block technique using miniature daisy petals.

For how long do I get access to tHE course?

Forever! You get access for a lifetime, so you can come back to it whenever you want.

What if I want to sell my crafts?

I have a project in the works that will help you do this! It will be a design library with business and design resources, and will be accessible on a monthly subscription basis. To recreate and sell my designs you'll need access to this library and to verify the quality of your work by sending a sample to me (and I'll be sending it back!).

What if I don't want to sell my crafts?

You definitely don't have to! Let it be your hobby. The main aim of this course is to teach the skills for a handworking hobby to promote the mind-body connection, rejuvenate the soul, and produce jewelry that is uniquely you because it came directly form your heart and hands.

If I pay in 2 payments, do I still get access to everything?

Yes, you'll get immediate access to the entire course regardless of which payment option you choose.

I have more Questions! How can I contact you?

Email me at kayla@thestorypreneur.com or send a direct message to me on Instagram @higherjewelry

I am more than happy to answer any and all questions you have!